Everything is not what it seems…

In today’s society we take a look at people on Instagram and we see these amazing photos and think to ourselves these people have everything but what we don’t realize is that we post things that we want people to see not what we don’t want them to see. You’re not going to see someone post a photo of them in pain or hurting I mean you might but that’s rare and that’s not what we want society to look at us as. We want everyone to see us as these great people who have it all and sometimes it’s not like that. What we post is what we want others to view us as. As these perfect people who arent broken or hurt or depressed. For example when we see celebrities we think they have everything but in reality they can be just as broken as the rest of us.

Interviewing a friend! Topic: Social Media

Hey everyone! I saw this idea on Pinterest and I wanted to try it out myself so here I am today sharing with you an interview I did with a friend and he answered three questions that I made up regarding social media so here they are… Enjoy! 

Question: #1

Where do you think we would be if technology or social media wasn’t around? What do you think you would be doing if this kind of thing wasn’t accessible?

If social media weren’t around the world would be a very different place. many of our relationships would be gone. Our media in general would be radically different. It would be akin to the printing press not being invented in that the speed with which information is convey would drastically slowed.
If I weren’t able to use social media I would be in a very dark place. I’m an introvert and much of my experiences come from social media. It creates an excellent buffer between me and the real world. That being said I would also be dumb too. Many of my social media friends have taught me many things. Part of the reason I am who I am is because of my interaction with others through social media.

Question: #2
Name 3 big ways in which social media has changed your life. Be descriptive.

Social media has changed my life in that it made me into an antitheist for a second time, it allowed me to make friends I would otherwise never meet and it gives me a space to air out my own ideas. The first is probably the most significant in that for many years I forgave many religious peoples wrong simple because I saw them as ignorant. Social media changed that by pointing out that they know they just refuse to accept. Which brings me to the friends and intellectual discourse. I made lots of friends and regularly asked their thought on my many theories, hypothesies `and the odd question. This has been invaluable to me as it allows me to better understand my own thinking through the eyes of another.

Question: #3
If you had the power to meet these 3 people that you’ve seen or met online, who would you choose and why?
The 3 people I’m referring to……
YouTuber, A friend, and, Someone you admire.

The three people I would meet are TJ Kirk The Amazing Atheist (youtuber), Rachel Klein (Friend), and Seth McFarlane. All of these people have had an impact in my life or made me want to change my life. TJ is the shining example of both, he has change my mind multiple times about issues I was very sure of and inspires me to be more than just grumpy atheist. He makes his own way in the world and I respect that beyond belief. Rachel on the other hand has taught me that no matter how many people in this world are awful and cold people some of them will stand by you even when you’re being a shit and you don’t deserve it. She can be kind when others least deserve it and that is to be admired. As for Seth he is brilliant, he combines the intellectual with the crass in a way that always makes me laugh. I love humor, and I think Seth Shares that, we want to see people happy and smiling even if we must make fools of ourselves to do it. He has that special spark that only men like George Carlin have. He doesn’t care if it offends just long as someone cracks a smile. Whether it be fart joke or well constructed and on the fly quip Seth just wants to see the world laugh.