Self Improvement/Communication

I could literally go on and on about today’s topic but I’ll keep it short with a few examples on how to improve ones self.
Getting feedback from others is a great way to know what you can improve on. It’s always helpful to get advice from those you care about.
For example if a friendship isn’t working out, you can figure out if there is anything you’re doing wrong to improve yourself and that friendship as well. Communication in all areas is so important. Whether it be in relationships or friendships it’s good to get things that bother or don’t bother you out in the open. If we dont communicate then we will never really be aware of how someone else is feeling or what we can take away from the conversations that we have.
Healthy lifestyles are another form of self improvement. Knowing what you need to do to improve your life physically can be very important.
This is all I have for today’s post. I hope it helps at least one person out!

10 Things Girls Look For/LOVE in a Guy!

1: Girls love when a guy is interested in their likes and dislikes.
2: Girls love when a guy is honest and open about their feelings, etc.
3: Girls love to be surprised once in awhile.
4: Girls love when guys ask advice from them.
5: Girls like a guy who can protect them and make them feel safe.
6: Girls don’t like guys who are controlling or demanding.
7: If a girl really wants to be with a guy she’ll make sure it happens.
8: Girls love romantic guys. Show her a good time fellas!
9: Girls want to feel that you’re proud for having them.
10: Girls adore guys who don’t just think about sex.

Toxic Relationships

Happy Sunday!

For today’s post I thought that I would share something that might be helpful for those in negative situations. I’m gonna be talking about being in toxic relationships or friendships. This could be as little as clingyness or as big as abuse. Sometimes letting go can be very difficult especially if you’re close with the person. Believe me I’m known for holding on to things that I know I shouldn’t but I’ve learned that it’s better to keep around those who bring you joy than to keep around those who only bring you pain. Before you end things however try and talk things out. Sometimes that works because the other person may not know that what they are doing is causing stress in your life. Give examples of how they can improve to make things easier on you. If that doesn’t work than consider letting go. About a year or so ago my friend decided to end a friendship and that friendship was between her and I. I was very confused cause she never told me why she was letting me go she just did. This is why communication is very important. Always remember that letting go will be hard but give it some time and I promise things will become easier as time goes on. This can lead to a positive outcome. Don’t ever be afraid to stop what’s causing hurt and don’t let someone stay in your life when they no longer belong.