Everything is not what it seems…

In today’s society we take a look at people on Instagram and we see these amazing photos and think to ourselves these people have everything but what we don’t realize is that we post things that we want people to see not what we don’t want them to see. You’re not going to see someone post a photo of them in pain or hurting I mean you might but that’s rare and that’s not what we want society to look at us as. We want everyone to see us as these great people who have it all and sometimes it’s not like that. What we post is what we want others to view us as. As these perfect people who arent broken or hurt or depressed. For example when we see celebrities we think they have everything but in reality they can be just as broken as the rest of us.


Questioning Ourselves

Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself… why am I the way that I am? Why do I choose to do things a certain way? Why do I act this way towards other? Sometimes these thoughts come to my mind and I begin to question everything. Thoughts, emotions, and actions are what make us different and unique. We as individuals can bring ourselves down by over thinking and it can cause a great deal of anxiety or depression. I know for myself personally I have a hard time backing away from routine and while routine can be a good thing it can also be good to switch things up. I also have a hard time saying no in difficult situations. I’ll either give in or ignore it. Then I ask myself why am I like this? Should I just be blunt with people? As far as being different or unique, we may do something that isn’t “normal” in society. This can create alot of stress and like I mentioned before it’ll cause us to question ourselves. All in all just be yourself and if you feel something isnt right, don’t be afraid to change it!