20 Self Care Practices

1: Eating healthier food
2: Baths! and if ur extra… bath bombs
3: Going for a walk
4: Journaling
5: Speaking Kindly to yourself
6: Plenty of sleep
7: Creating art
8: Challening yourself
9: Putting away technology
10: Saying “No” when necessary
11: Calling up a friend
12: Learning something new
13: Spend time in nature
14: Taking a trip
15: Praying
16: Letting go
17: DIY project
18: Curling up into bed
19: Getting a massage
20: Loving yourself!


1 Major Lesson I’ve Learned This Year…

One major lesson I learned this year is that you can’t keep giving yourself to someone who isn’t going to give you their whole self to you. What I am I mean by that is if you were showing someone the kind of effort that you wish to be shown, you’re only going to get hurt in the end. Not everyone is going to treat you how you want to be treated; not everyone is going to be there for you 24/7 like how you want them or expect them to, and not everyone is going to be your best friend or your soulmate.

My College Experience (so far)

Today’s blog post will be about the things I like about college as well as my experience so far!

I’ve been attending college for a few years now. I started out going on school campus for a while then started doing everything online. 

College is different that high school in many ways. In college you can pretty much do as you please (no dress code, come and go as you when you want (most of the time). Another plus is you go by your own schedule, so whatever works for you! Just pick the classes you wanna take and the times, then go from there! You can also drop a class if you find that it is too hard. College (in my opinion) is easier than high school. You’re given alot of time per assignment especially if you’re doing it online. It’s also pretty easy to make friends as well. 

My experience has been pretty great so far! My first time on campus I made a few friends right away as well passing my first class with either an A or B I can’t remember lol. Now I am doing online, which is easy/hard. For example we are pretty much on our own. The teacher explains each assignment briefly but we as students need to know how to do it based on little info. We are typically given a week per assignment (each one due on Sunday) which is very helpful for those who are busy during the week. Now I’m going to list the bad sides to college.

1. It is expensive for those who don’t get financial aid.

2. Classes fill up quickly! 

3. Classes can be confusing at times when not given clear instructions.

4. It does take awhile to finish (get your degree) if you take only 1-3 classes at a time.

Those are just 4 things I thought of randomly but I’m sure other people who attend college have different things that they dont like as well.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post!!! 

7 Things I Learned In 7 Months!

1. I learned to truly admire nature and all its potential.

2. I learned to not be so selfish when making sacrifices for those I care about.

3. I learned to take more risks this year.

4. I learned to continue cherishing my current friendships and to appreciate them more.

5. I learned to not get so offended when I get roasted. 😂

6. I learned how to make/save money in different ways.

7. I learned how to become a better song writer.

Everything is not what it seems…

In today’s society we take a look at people on Instagram and we see these amazing photos and think to ourselves these people have everything but what we don’t realize is that we post things that we want people to see not what we don’t want them to see. You’re not going to see someone post a photo of them in pain or hurting I mean you might but that’s rare and that’s not what we want society to look at us as. We want everyone to see us as these great people who have it all and sometimes it’s not like that. What we post is what we want others to view us as. As these perfect people who arent broken or hurt or depressed. For example when we see celebrities we think they have everything but in reality they can be just as broken as the rest of us.

Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover!

I’ve learned over the last few years that you can’t really judge a book by it’s cover. I know this is one of those sayings that everyone knows of but does anyone really follow it? I believe that you should truly get to know a person for who they really are on the inside. Its not always about whats on the outside that can draw you in, sometimes it can be that persons intelligence or it can be how they speak to you, their kindness, etc. Sometimes it just takes that one thing for you to be completely drawn in. The crazy part about it all is even if they mess up a million times you always find that one reason to keep them in your life especially if they have done so much for you. It can get to a point to where it’s super hard to let go and that’s okay to hold on as long as they make you happy. To me it’s all about someone’s personality and how they treat you. It’s what’s on the inside that counts and if they have a heart of gold than that’s what truly matters most. Take time to listen. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to what they have to offer the world because you might be surprised at how a friendship can be built just by one simple convo.

Don’t Stress Over What You Cant Change!

Hey guys happy Thursday! Coming at you with another blog. Today’s post is going to be on why we shouldnt stress over things we cannot change. Which simply means don’t overdo yourself and get overworked about something that you know is not going to happen again or something that you know is going to remain the same. Think of it like this: the past is the past, it cannot be undone. It may be upsetting at first but you have a whole new set of events to look forward to in the future! I truly believe that every situation can be turned into a positive one. Things will get better as time goes on you just have to member all the good in your life and not focus on the bad. Remember that life goes on with or without the thing that was holding you back from moving on.