Blog Topics for EVERYONE! 

Since I’m always looking for new things to write about I thought I’d come up with a list to not only help myself but others as well. 


  1. Travel (where you wanna go/where you’ve been.
  2. Happiness (motivate others and share what makes you the happiest) 
  3. Music (share your fave songs)
  4. Inspiration (talk about your biggest inspiration in life)
  5. Goals (share what goals you have/wish to accomplish) 
  6. Share what your blog is about 
  7. Share exciting things you’ve done throughout the year. 
  8. Give advice on a topic.
  9. Talk about how you overcame certain obstacles.
  10. Create a “how to” list (step by step on how to do something)

10 Things Girls Look For/LOVE in a Guy!

1: Girls love when a guy is interested in their likes and dislikes.
2: Girls love when a guy is honest and open about their feelings, etc.
3: Girls love to be surprised once in awhile.
4: Girls love when guys ask advice from them.
5: Girls like a guy who can protect them and make them feel safe.
6: Girls don’t like guys who are controlling or demanding.
7: If a girl really wants to be with a guy she’ll make sure it happens.
8: Girls love romantic guys. Show her a good time fellas!
9: Girls want to feel that you’re proud for having them.
10: Girls adore guys who don’t just think about sex.