15 Coconut Oil Uses/Benefits

1: Makeup Remover
2: On the skin as a basic lotion
3: Balances Hormones
4: Reduces Cellulite
5: Improves Energy
6: Great for hair growth
7: Mental boost
8: Great for cooking
9: Improve Sleep
10: Helps skin heal faster
11: Improve Digestion
12: Lighten age spots
13: Tanning Oil
14: Natural Deodorant
15: Sooth Eczema


1 Major Lesson I’ve Learned This Year…

One major lesson I learned this year is that you can’t keep giving yourself to someone who isn’t going to give you their whole self to you. What I am I mean by that is if you were showing someone the kind of effort that you wish to be shown, you’re only going to get hurt in the end. Not everyone is going to treat you how you want to be treated; not everyone is going to be there for you 24/7 like how you want them or expect them to, and not everyone is going to be your best friend or your soulmate.

My College Experience (so far)

Today’s blog post will be about the things I like about college as well as my experience so far!

I’ve been attending college for a few years now. I started out going on school campus for a while then started doing everything online. 

College is different that high school in many ways. In college you can pretty much do as you please (no dress code, come and go as you when you want (most of the time). Another plus is you go by your own schedule, so whatever works for you! Just pick the classes you wanna take and the times, then go from there! You can also drop a class if you find that it is too hard. College (in my opinion) is easier than high school. You’re given alot of time per assignment especially if you’re doing it online. It’s also pretty easy to make friends as well. 

My experience has been pretty great so far! My first time on campus I made a few friends right away as well passing my first class with either an A or B I can’t remember lol. Now I am doing online, which is easy/hard. For example we are pretty much on our own. The teacher explains each assignment briefly but we as students need to know how to do it based on little info. We are typically given a week per assignment (each one due on Sunday) which is very helpful for those who are busy during the week. Now I’m going to list the bad sides to college.

1. It is expensive for those who don’t get financial aid.

2. Classes fill up quickly! 

3. Classes can be confusing at times when not given clear instructions.

4. It does take awhile to finish (get your degree) if you take only 1-3 classes at a time.

Those are just 4 things I thought of randomly but I’m sure other people who attend college have different things that they dont like as well.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post!!! 

10 Mistakes Bloggers Make!

1: Trying to be perfect – It’s good to use correct grammar and all that other stuff as well as staying on topic but your blog does not have to be perfect because trying make it that way will stress you out and then you will never be satisfied with what you post.

2: Not planning ahead – I learned that is better to plan ahead of what you’re going to post so then you have an idea of what you need to write. You will then be happy with what you have written!

3: Comparing your blogs to others – It’s never a good idea to compare your blog to others because then you will start over-thinking that their blog is better than yours. So just go with what you got and I’m sure people will love it!

4: Bad Blog Titles – It’s important to have a title that goes with the theme of your post so make sure that your title fits.

5: Not having a blog ideas list – This goes back to the planning ahead. Create a list of all the things you wanna talk about and try having a set schedule of when you plan to post each blog!

6: Not being real and 100% You – People will accept you more if your blog are real and genuine so make sure that you show that within each post.

7: Not using hashtags or keywords – Always use hashtags or key words that relate to your post like for example if your post is about positivity use the keyword positive so people can search that up and they will be able to find your post easily.

8: Not being consistent – Try to post a few times a week! Think of it like a career rather than a hobby so that way you’ll be more active with blogging.

9: Rambling – Don’t jump from one thing to another quickly make sure you give detailed information about one topic and then move on to the next if your blog has more than one thing that you plam on talking about.

10: Giving up – If you get frustrated or don’t know what to blog about don’t give up just because it’s difficult one day doesn’t mean you’ll never have anything to talk about. Take a break and when an idea comes to mind, write about it!

A-Z Post! (Tips for a better life)

A- Allow time for yourself. Never feel obligated to always fulfill others needs when yours haven’t been fully met yet.
B- Be the best you can be! You have the potential to do great things. Put those great things into action!

C- Create new beginnings go out and make something of your day. Find new adventure in the world!

D- Dedicate yourself. Always put 110% in and what you do and stay motivated!

E- Encourage others. Be the one who sends out a message of hope. Show others that they’re not alone!

F- Find your passion. Explore the endless possibilities that are out there and find whatever it is that you love to Do!

G- Grow in ways that benefit you. Know your strengths and weaknesses and keep a goal on what you want to accomplish and how you can grow.

H- Happiness is key. Always put your happiness first and never let anyone take that away from you.

I- Ignore the haters. People will always find a reason to be rude. You just gotta find a way to look past the hate and move foward.

J- Join a group. Whether it be a group on Facebook like a writing group or a group that talks about certain things that you interests you find a group and join it because it will bring you joy.

K- Keep a journal or planner. Planning your day or keeping a journal can keep you organized which will cause less stress in your life when you know you’re going to do throughout the day.

L- Love. Love. Love. ♡♡♡ This is pretty self explanatory but everyone could use some love in their lives.

M- Make the right decision. Go with your gut and chose wisely!

N- Never give up! Things may seem hard at first but I promise it’s only temporary and youll be able to get through it soon enough.

O- Open minded about your options. Basically keep an open mind about what is out there!

P- Positivity is so important. Positive minds can lead to a positive life. (:

Q- Quit making excuses! You can do anything you set your mind to! However you

R- Remove negativity from your life! Get rid of what is causing pain and hurt and you will feel so much better.

S- Stay focused! Strategize how you will take on something and go from there. (:

T- Talk it out. If you are feeling sad or depressed, talk to someone about it. Talking it out will help alot!

U- Use your time wisely! Know your time limit and get things done!

V- Vocalize your thoughts when necessary. If something is bothering you or you feel like you need to tell someone something important don’t hold back this will only cause you to feel guilty or anxious.

W- Work towards your dreams, goals, and visions.

X- (can’t think of one sorry lol)

Y- You are worth it! Never feel like you are worthless because of an event that occurred or because someone told you on that you are. That is untrue and you should never believe those lies!

Z- (can’t think of one sorry lol)