7 Things I Learned In 7 Months!

1. I learned to truly admire nature and all its potential.

2. I learned to not be so selfish when making sacrifices for those I care about.

3. I learned to take more risks this year.

4. I learned to continue cherishing my current friendships and to appreciate them more.

5. I learned to not get so offended when I get roasted. 😂

6. I learned how to make/save money in different ways.

7. I learned how to become a better song writer.


“Everything Happens For a Reason?”

FYI: This topic is very controversial so I decided to give my complete thoughts on it. I may sound contradicting at first but bare with me as I explain. I’m very hesitant to post this but I’m going to regardless.
Alot of people have a hard time believing that everything happens for a reason but if you really think about it some things do happen for a reason. I don’t believe that literally single thing does but I do believe that bad situations can have happy/positive endings. Allow me to give 1 example regarding friendships. Remember this is my own experience. Therefore this may not happen for everyone but it did happen for me so thats why I’m sharing it.
I think I mentioned this in my first blog but I don’t remember so I’m mentioning it again but back in 2015 I lost two friendships due to issues that I have caused. However, I gained those friendships back in 2016. Both are now stronger than ever! Sometimes you lose a friend and if you get the chance to gain it back it can become much better and you become closer with that person and I’m very thankful for that so that’s another thing that happened for a reason.
Now I know what you’re thinking: “Rachel what about murder and stuff like that.?” People get punished for crime. They get caught. The murder itself shouldn’t of happened but the murderer most likely is in some type of prison. That’s why I say not every single thing happens for a reason. Just my opinions! Hope you liked today’s post. See you again on Saturday or Sunday with another!

Toxic Relationships

Happy Sunday!

For today’s post I thought that I would share something that might be helpful for those in negative situations. I’m gonna be talking about being in toxic relationships or friendships. This could be as little as clingyness or as big as abuse. Sometimes letting go can be very difficult especially if you’re close with the person. Believe me I’m known for holding on to things that I know I shouldn’t but I’ve learned that it’s better to keep around those who bring you joy than to keep around those who only bring you pain. Before you end things however try and talk things out. Sometimes that works because the other person may not know that what they are doing is causing stress in your life. Give examples of how they can improve to make things easier on you. If that doesn’t work than consider letting go. About a year or so ago my friend decided to end a friendship and that friendship was between her and I. I was very confused cause she never told me why she was letting me go she just did. This is why communication is very important. Always remember that letting go will be hard but give it some time and I promise things will become easier as time goes on. This can lead to a positive outcome. Don’t ever be afraid to stop what’s causing hurt and don’t let someone stay in your life when they no longer belong.

Value/True Happiness: Material VS: Friendships 

Hello everyone my name is Rachel and this is my first blog post. I decided to share my thoughts and experiences on something that I know everyone can relate to. I’ve always had a great love for material things just like most people do. We tend to believe that these things bring happiness into our lives and which they can but when in reality it’s just something that we do to fill a void in whatever way that may be. You see people like on YouTube for example who live these minimalistic lives and they are the happiest they’ve ever been because there isnt that extra baggage that they have to worry about. Its truly inspiring to see how doing something so small like that can make such a huge impact on someone’s life. Now dont get me wrong I am no where near a minimalist but I would trade everything in the world for those I care about. When I gained back friendships that I’ve lost in the past it made me realise that time is precious and I should value my time with these people because we dont know when they won’t be there anymore. A few years ago I used to literally cry when I would break or lose something but now I think about it like this; “These things in my life are not what’s most important. They can be ALWAYS be replaced.” And that’s another thing, friendships and relationships can’t always be replaced. The funny thing about this is that sometimes when we lose a friend or a bf or gf we sometimes go buy something to fill that void like how I mentioned before. The whole point of me writing this is to show you that one day we won’t be here anymore. Take time to live life, find adventure, make memories with others. Would you rather spend time alone and money on pointless things or would you rather spend time and money into creating a life that one day you’ll be able share with others? I’ll leave you with that.