Value/True Happiness: Material VS: Friendships 

Hello everyone my name is Rachel and this is my first blog post. I decided to share my thoughts and experiences on something that I know everyone can relate to. I’ve always had a great love for material things just like most people do. We tend to believe that these things bring happiness into our lives and which they can but when in reality it’s just something that we do to fill a void in whatever way that may be. You see people like on YouTube for example who live these minimalistic lives and they are the happiest they’ve ever been because there isnt that extra baggage that they have to worry about. Its truly inspiring to see how doing something so small like that can make such a huge impact on someone’s life. Now dont get me wrong I am no where near a minimalist but I would trade everything in the world for those I care about. When I gained back friendships that I’ve lost in the past it made me realise that time is precious and I should value my time with these people because we dont know when they won’t be there anymore. A few years ago I used to literally cry when I would break or lose something but now I think about it like this; “These things in my life are not what’s most important. They can be ALWAYS be replaced.” And that’s another thing, friendships and relationships can’t always be replaced. The funny thing about this is that sometimes when we lose a friend or a bf or gf we sometimes go buy something to fill that void like how I mentioned before. The whole point of me writing this is to show you that one day we won’t be here anymore. Take time to live life, find adventure, make memories with others. Would you rather spend time alone and money on pointless things or would you rather spend time and money into creating a life that one day you’ll be able share with others? I’ll leave you with that.