30 Day Self Love Challenge!

Tomorrow I will be starting 30 days of self-love. If you are struggling with something, I encourage you to set aside the month of March to become the best version of yourself!

Here are some things I want to accomplish :

  • Do more things out of my comfort zone.
  • Challenge myself.
  • Focus more on the positives.
  • Less on the negatives.
  • More confident in who I am.
  • Accept my flaws.

My overall end goal is to know my worth, and to truly know that I’m beautiful, loved, and valued!


Changing my mindset…

Hey friends! Sorry for the lack of blog posts. Just been going thru alot lately but I’m back! Today’s topic is going to be how I overcame depression and anxiey by changing my mindset.

So a lot of my anxiety and depression has to do with overthinking and thinking the worst about certain situations and how people think of me. A few weeks ago I decided to change my mindset completely in a way that will be beneficial to me so that’s what I did. Once I made that decision, the over thinking completely stopped which cured most of my anxiety.

I decided it was time to change what I don’t like about myself like how I over think and turn that into just going with the flow and to not live in fear or worry anymore. It’s amazing how much starts with our mindset, because that’s the easiest place for bad thoughts to enter. So I’m glad that things are slowly starting to get better for me. ♥️

1 Major Lesson I’ve Learned This Year…

One major lesson I learned this year is that you can’t keep giving yourself to someone who isn’t going to give you their whole self to you. What I am I mean by that is if you were showing someone the kind of effort that you wish to be shown, you’re only going to get hurt in the end. Not everyone is going to treat you how you want to be treated; not everyone is going to be there for you 24/7 like how you want them or expect them to, and not everyone is going to be your best friend or your soulmate.