Wanting VS. Going After It

For todays post, I’m going to be talking about a topic that everyone can relate to.
We all want things in life whether that be a car, a job, etc. Sometimes we aren’t willing to put forth the effort to get those things.
For example, getting any kind of job requires a few things such an application and providing a resume. Most of the time we need to work for what we want in life without expecting things to just be handed to us. Just because it may be hard doesn’t mean we should give up or stop trying.
Here is another example of wanting, but not going for it. ~ You see something that draws you in like a new car but you dont have money and aren’t willing to do what it takes to get the money, instead you procrastinate buying that car.
Never give up! Things take time. Do what is right and go for it! It’ll all be worth it in the end.
I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!


Author: Rachel N. Klein

Hi everyone ♡ I'm Rachel! My blogs will probably consist of things that everyone can relate to as well as some life advice. If you find any of my posts enjoyable, feel free to give me a like or a follow! 😊

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